…For those of you who want to wake up spiritually, easily re-program your mind and recognize that you need to reach deeper levels in your ‘inner work’ in order to attain a higher level of physical and spiritual fulfillment.

Let Me Show You
How to Turn Your Daily Life
Into a Successful Spiritual Practice,
so You Can Live with Presence and Passion
and Radiate Your Natural Health,
Wealth and Happiness!”

The whole practice is laid out for you in
my EXPAND YOURSELF NOW Online Coaching Program!

Have you ever wished to had a mentor who could guide and
support you on your personal and spiritual life journey?

A mentor who has supported hundreds of clients and participants, teaching them to “use the ups and downs of your daily life to Expand in Who You Truly Are”? A mentor who will help you to stop your game of playing small and hold you accountable for following your path towards “educating your mind to serve your truth and your heart’s desires”? A mentor who truly understands where you are at and where you want to be?

If your answer is “Yes”, then, I am ready to help YOU. I will show you HOW to USE THE TIME of “ACCELERATED CHANGE” for your personal and spiritual evolution in such a way… that you will be able to avoid a lot of struggle and suffering and instead EXPAND YOURSELF to include more love, trust and abundance in all areas of your life!

Welcome to your EXPANSION!

I am Doctor Monica and I’d like to invite you to join me on a miraculous journey to discover the TRUTH about who you REALLY are, what you’re REALLY capable of and how things REALLY work while you experience life as a “Human Being”.

If you are like me and are committed to feel good about yourself, you’ll find EXPAND YOURSELF NOW especially valuable to you.

This year long online program is NOT about “fixing” you but about building up the consistent and lasting transformation and success you long for.

Ready to Register Now, Click Here!

Awareness Breakthrough

maggie_reigh“I recently experienced a life-changing breakthrough in awareness and release of a core belief I have carried forever, as far as I know. Monica guided me through and she was amazing! She has the most profound Presence I have ever experienced in such a session and her Creative Question cards and Expand Yourself Now program are powerful and unique… it helps me see life from such an expansive perspective.

Much love and delight, Maggie”

Maggie Reigh, BC Canada


Right on

“Oh my God Doctor Monica – was this Expand Yourself Now session “RIGHT ON” for me!!!!
thank you thank you thank you

At a party last night I actually practiced “why am I beautiful?” and “how does it feel to feel beautiful?” …. what was interesting is I got snubbed by a man I had previously been intimate with and was able to NOT go into “I’m not desirable” but walked outside asked the question “why am I beautiful?” and went back in and had a wonderful time… after the first party ended, just a few of us switched gears and danced to the most amazing music and I felt like a ballerina, belly dancer, joyful “beautiful woman”  — it was a perfect, perfect ending

Your words from the Expand Yourself Gathering call last week about being 100% responsible for your life, your words are so powerful to me…

thanks again and again for all you bring to this world!
Sincerely, Annie”

Annie Parcels, MN

The EXPAND YOURSELF NOW Online Coaching program is
a step by step program to support YOUR AWAKENING JOURNEY.

My personal journey was not an easy one and I share it with you in every session so you can see how I use “my life” to wake up. After spending more than 25 years on my personal and spiritual path I have developed this unique program and I can tell you that after a full year of support, guidance and practice with the Expand Yourself Now, I have now an open heart, my relationships have improved big time and my work feels more meaningful, making my life more fun and easy.

To create lasting change, first you need a CLEAR and DAILY PRACTICE. Most practices are too difficult to implement, take too much time and don’t provide enough support for you to keep doing them consistently. With EXPAND YOURSELF NOW and its 52 sessions, you will have the continuous support for a whole year. This will provide you with ample momentum to create your ideal life.

The 3 KEYS FORMULA – Expand Yourself Now

How many times have you tried to follow your spiritual yearning, but got distracted by your thoughts and your emotions, or got frustrated with your intimate relationship, finances or health? Have you ever focused on satisfying your worldly needs and felt that something deeper was missing?

The 3 KEYS Formula has been developed to make sure that you are both personally provided for with the life-style that you want as well as spiritually nurtured through living from Your True Self.

KEY #1


The Basis for Expanding Yourself Now is to discover who you really are. When you tap into the creative, abundant and supportive source within, you begin to relax and trust.

Here, a connection and experience with who you truly are grows and your trust, confidence and meaningful life effortlessly appear.

KEY #2


In the Expand Yourself Program I will teach you that instead of fixing and getting rid of your experience, emotions or thoughts, you are going to USE YOUR LIMITATIONS TO DISCOVER WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

The process I call Recovering Aliveness, is incredibly powerful. Through this practice you will ‘erase’ or ‘blow out’ all these energies that cause you to collapse and sabotage you. This process will strengthen your spiritual capacity to be who you truly are (beyond beliefs!). In this program I will teach you how to Recover Aliveness and I will support you with your practice.

KEY #3


You know, many people talk, write and teach about “changing your mind”, thinking positive thoughts, affirmations, prayers and declarations to create what you want.

No one teaches you about how the creativity of your essence or consciousness (who you truly are) really works and how it responds to your mind. In this program you will learn that CREATIVITY COMES FROM CURIOSITY, works through Curiosity and that CURIOSITY WORKS THROUGH QUESTIONING.

The CREATIVE QUESTIONS APPROACH of Expand Yourself Now teaches you that instead of ‘forcing’ your thinking, you can relax into the unlimited possibilities of your creativity by “ASKING” for what you want.
Let me explain this to you…

Eight years ago I realized that the linear way of thinking was not ‘fulfilling’ to me anymore. A new door opened to the next level of thinking. The linear or ‘separated’ way of thinking was changing to an ORGANIC WAY OF THINKING, where the right and left hemispheres work in unison, where your entire body feels your thinking and where the entire Universe feels and responds to your thoughts and, in turn, to your request.

Giving orders to the Universe like affirmations do, is a hard way to get what you want. The Universe prefers you to ASK for what you want. Patriarchy is gone! Now you can ask for what you want from your heart and truly know that consciousness responds. We call this new way of thinking Creative Questions.

In this program I will teach you how Creativity truly works and I will guide you through the 52 most powerful qualities a human being can work with, to have the strong foundation that you need to be a Conscious Creator.

Well, now let me explain how EXPAND YOURSELF NOW works

I will guide and support you for a whole year with 52 coaching sessions – each 1/2 hour long – so you can keep focused on practicing and sustain a new approach to your life.

Every week for a whole year, you’ll receive an email in your Inbox with links to your written sessions, homelove journals, audio recordings, and download links.

Each session guides you to EXPAND towards the empowering qualities that will bring you closer and closer to your TRUE NATURE.

By alternating between the qualities that will take care of your spiritual being and your physical ‘human’ being, you will become both spiritually fulfilled and physically satisfied.

In the first month you will develop the 4 Spiritual Qualities of Gratitude, Happiness, Peace and Surrender, to build up your foundation for your connection with your True Nature.

The next 4 sessions are dedicated to healing your wounds that come from low self-esteem and a lack of valuing yourself as well as growing in your Human Qualities of being a Gift, being Important, being ‘Good Enough’ and experiencing the joy of Liking Yourself.

Next, you continue with mastering more of the Spiritual Qualities like being Alive, Aware, Spiritual and Wise.

This program takes you on a complete journey of 52 Essential Qualities, finishing with developing the ‘frequency’ of Deserving, having Extra Money, being Wealthy and Successful.

In addition, I will occasionally send you bonuses and other supportive recordings for the Session of the week.

Here’s What You’ll Get in
Online Coaching program:

Your 52 EXPAND YOURSELF NOW Written Sessions

52 Written Sessions: You can use these to follow along with the recorded sessions. You can also print them and take them with you, so you can read and enjoy them wherever and whenever you choose.


Your 52 EXPAND YOURSELF NOW Recorded Sessions



52 Audio Recordings: I personally explain each Essential Quality and guide each exercise on your Self-Discovery journey. You can listen to your sessions on your computer or download them to your MP3 player. You’ll want to hear these over and over for continuous support. You will also want to keep a copy in your success library for years to come.



Your 52 HomeLove for your ‘Expand Yourself Journal’

52 HomeLove: Each session has homework, which I call HomeLove, because when you work for yourself you are loving yourself. Your Expand Yourself Journal will help to organize your journey and at the end of your program you will clearly see your progress!



Bonus #1: Unlimited Personal Email Access to Me

1Unlimited Email Access to me personally! You can e-mail me with your progress or questions and I will personally respond to you. My intention is to support you in this work and in your progress towards waking up spiritually, mastering your creative mind and your Expansion towards your magnificence.

This is a feature that is not going to be available for much longer,
but I promise that when you register today I will maintain this benefit for you.

Bonus #2: 3 Private sessions with Doctor Monica!
(Value $450)

Expand Yourself Now is a deep inner journey: Since most of your Expand Yourself Now practice is done by yourself, it is important to have a place to connect with someone who can support you in your journey.

When you register we will schedule 3 private sessions (45-60 minutes) for you to have during your year of commitment. Knowing that with this program you are going to liberate many limitations and open up to a completely new dimension, I will help you to deepen your practice with any topic that you need special support with.

I so appreciate your openness and willingness to Expand Yourself that I want to give you 2 additional tools that will facilitate further support for your journey.

BONUS #3: Nurture Yourself with Creative Questions
52 Guided Meditations
(Value $52)

Nurture YourselfNURTURE YOURSELF with Creative Questions
These 52 Nurture Yourself Guided Meditations, 3-5 minute Guided Meditations which I have personally recorded, lead you through the Creative Questions of your session, allowing you to relax and integrate your new high ‘frequency’ quality so you can experience it in your life.


Start Your One-Year Online Coaching Program NOW!

TODAY ONLY $499 (Less than $10/Session)


Speaking a different Language

Veronique BatterI am doing the online coaching program for several months now and have noticed that I relate with my daily life differently, like speaking a different language. 

I am really grateful to have shifted from loosing myself in what I do not have, what does not work, etc… I am able to focus on the energy I want to have more of in my life.

Listening to my daily meditation on my Ipod helps me stay more conscious of what I do with my life during the day and during the week.

Thank you Monica for being such an inspiration.

Veronique Batter, Madrid Spain

I’m so passionate…

…about this capacity for transformation, not only because it reveals the magnificence of our human design but because it is my own story as well – the story of an abandoned, fearful, resentful girl who found herself overloaded with needing to be ‘a good girl’. I was doing all that needed to be done and, not making any sense of why I was existing, I wanted to give up on life. Thankfully, through this process of transformation and growth, that girl came to understand that we are here for a greater reason that naturally appears when you know how to easily ‘clean up’ your baggage and work on your unfinished business. And by now you know that, until you do your inner work, life is a repetitive loop of longing, wanting, aching, and hurting.

You may recognize aspects of yourself in the dozens of true-to-life examples I share throughout the program, and as you bring light to your shadow you’ll understand how the aspects of you that you have most tried to hide actually hold the key to your self-expression, fulfillment and success.

After a full year of support, guidance and practice, you will be a Spiritual, Fulfilled Human Being, Conscious Creator making your life more fun and easy by Being…

  • More Aware, detached and FREE from the most common limitations we all have as human beings.
  • More Open and Connected with the Unlimited Being that you are.
  • More Confident and Brimming with Self-Esteem.
  • More Deserving of all that you want.
  • More Trusting, Relaxed and Flowing with Life.
  • More Open to enjoying the play of life.
  • More Able to fully appreciate your creations in life.
  • More Focused and Successful in accomplishing your goals!

Do you, like so many people want to…

  • Passionately Surrender to Your True Self?
  • Effortlessly tap into your Creativity and Manifest exactly what you want for your life?
  • Get into the habit of Attracting Positive Change in your life?
  • Recover Aliveness or Power from your uncomfortable feelings and Experience more of your Unlimited Being?
  • Use any life situation to Expand and Lighten your mental and emotional frequency?


Kim Tedford“I believe every counseling professional should be studying the sessions from Expand Yourself Now. Personally, you will soar. Professionally, you will engage your work from integrity. I am AMAZED by the depth of investigation of this program. The daily meditation gently expands my consciousness around the quality I am exploring that week. This quick prompt centers my daily intention. The events of the day unfold and I start to notice how… some thoughts feel expansive and others contract me; some environments enliven me, while I hide in others; some behaviors inspire me and others leave me feeling dead inside. From these observations, I was able to work with the session of the week to further inhabit the quality I was exploring, while releasing the struggle of limitations. This is a profound process, when you’re willing to listen to your Creative Question mantra each morning; then remain awake each day so you can observe and engage your Life. Wherever you are in your personal evolution, this program supports your unfolding.”

Kim Tedford, M.A.
Healing Arts Professional
Milwaukee, WI

So, Are You Ready to Expand Yourself Now?

I thought so. Please click on the registration link below, so you can start to EXPAND YOURSELF… NOW!

Yes, Doctor Monica,
I have heard my call to join
your ‘Expand Yourself Now’ program
created specifically for those who are READY to
do their inner work to rise to their next level of NATURAL HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS.

My registration includes a full year of weekly Online Coaching Sessions:

  • 52 ‘Expand Yourself Now’ Written Sessions of the 52 Essential Qualities.
  • 52 ‘Expand Yourself Now’ Online Coaching Sessions. (52 Audio recordings of 30-45 minutes each, taking you through 7 Steps of all the 52 Essential Qualities.)
  • 52 HomeLove sessions for your ‘Expand Yourself Journal’.

My registration also includes:

  • Bonus #1: Unlimited Personal email access to me!
  • Bonus #2: 3 private sessions with Doctor Monica during your year of commitment.
  • Bonus #3: 52 Guided Meditations – Nurture Yourself with Creative Questions. (value $52).

If I register today I will also have One Full Year of Personal Email access to Doctor Monica. This feature is ONLY Guaranteed if you REGISTER TODAY.
This Online Coaching program has been sold for $997.

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This online transaction is secure. You will get an electronic receipt and instructions to your Online Coaching program within just a few minutes of receiving your information.

So, are you ready? Just relax and let me guide you. Your life is waiting!

Doctor Monica

For Your Expansion…. 1

Register Now

P.S. I am here to encourage you to DISCOVER WHO YOU TRULY ARE, so you can live not only a fulfilling life but also be a powerful inspiration for your family and your community specially if you want to create a Conscious, Happy, Healthy, Passionate and Abundant World.

P.S. Something I recommend for you to master your mind and creativity in a playful way is 
The Creative Question Cards APP ($9.95) 

On Your Mobile Device Search for “Creative Questions” APP

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You can use this APP as a reminder of your Creative Question for the day or moment you need inspiration. The Guide Book has incredible wise information for you to Master Your Creative Power. Additionally, this Creative Question Cards APP can be a fun way to play an amazing ‘consciousness game’ with your family, friends and co-workers.

For More Information Email: Support@ExpandYourselfNow.com